The Kind Kingdom: Morning Time Menu

The Kind Kingdom: Morning Time Menu

A Kind Kingdom Resource for Family Connection

No matter what you call it or how you do it, here are five reasons you should incorporate Morning Time into your home school day:


  1. Spending time together as a group gets everyone on the same page and makes for a wonderfully peaceful day. I love doing it in the morning because it sets the tone for our whole day.

  2. Prioritizing certain subjects by making them part of your Morning Time routine ensures that you’ll do them and not let them slide. If we have a subject that we just aren’t getting to, like Nature Study or Poetry, I put it into our Morning Time routine and that makes us less inclined to skip over it. 

  3. When you’ve done Morning Time consistently, it becomes an essential part of your home school and makes learning together a habit.

  4. It’s common for older kids to go off and work independently once they’re able to, and Morning Time provides an opportunity for connection and collaboration between older and younger students who might otherwise not cross paths during the school day. Since mom is part of Morning Time, too, it also gives you an opportunity to learn alongside your kids.

  5. Morning Time is a wonderful way to create a family culture grounded in connection and learning together.

I encourage you to dive in if you haven’t already, and make Morning Time part of your home school day.

What subjects could you be learning together as a family instead of independently? Are there things like nature journaling or singing that you just haven’t been able to incorporate into your day?

The most important thing is to keep it simple (don’t try to do it all at once!), and remember that you get to decide what Morning Time looks like for your family. 

To learn more about Morning Time, I highly recommend the book Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins. If you’d like to use menu covers to hold your Morning Time resources, you can find them for sale by clicking here.

The Kind Kingdom, The Playful Pioneers, and The Precious People all include beautiful poetry, history read alouds, scripture, and hymns to create a simple and beautiful morning time. You can download a free sample by clicking the title and following the links.