The Peaceful Preschool Bundle Print Version

The Peaceful Preschool Bundle Print Version

A Literature And Project-Based Curriculum for Early Learners



The Peaceful Preschool™ is a 26-week, developmentally gentle curriculum designed to help you prepare your child for school while enjoying great books and hands-on activities together. The guide includes daily activities for cultivating strong motor skills, which will help ensure school success. The Peaceful Preschool™ program will help develop strong auditory, visual, and motor skills to give your child tools for academic success. Each of the 26 weeks is laid out carefully and concisely and has been lovingly curated for the brand-new homeschool family, as well as the most seasoned one. The vision of The Peaceful Preschool™ is to offer a guide that cultivates a love of literature and a passion for learning. (234 pages)


The Peaceful Preschool™ Printable Pack includes the 26 letters of the alphabet in upper and lower case, in both cursive and print, along with a large version of each letter for creating a special alphabet book as a keepsake of the year of learning. The printable pack also includes numbers 1-10 and patterns for the accompanying crafts.(109 pages)

The Peaceful Preschool™ is an award-winning literature and project-based curriculum for early learners. The years before formal school, roughly ages 3-5 are a prime time to develop powerful processing skills, objectives that are best met through hands-on learning, and The Peaceful Preschool™ is your guide to meeting these objectives.


Read Aloud


Counting Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Large Motor Skills

Practical Life Skills

Art Skills


Your printed bundle includes the following:**

The Peaceful Preschool™ Parent Guide

The Peaceful Preschool™ Printable Pack

Weekly grid M-F, including directives for each subject of study.

Daily details, with tried and true prompts for learning that is both gentle and enjoyable for all.

Numeral flash card printables.

Alphabet flashcard printables (both print and cursive, upper and lowercase).

17 other unit-applicable printables.

Access to our private Facebook group, full of encouraging advice and resources.

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* Recipes can be found separately in The Peaceful Press Cookbook  which you can also buy as a Digital Download.

**Your printed purchase will also include Digital Links to for the Booklist and Master Supply List. 

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Is The Peaceful Preschool™ religious? 
    A. The Peaceful Preschool™  does not include religious instruction. We do include an optional list of Bible verses, but if you would like to add an ecumenical Bible resource for young children, we recommend The Good Gospel.
    Q. Are the recipes included in  The Peaceful Preschool™ ?
    A. They are not included. We created a beautiful full-color cookbook with all of the Peaceful Press recipes which is available as a separate purchase and will be a family treasury throughout your years with the Peaceful Press.
    Q. Can I get the printed bundle outside of the United States?
    A. For the present time we are only shipping in the contiguous United States. 
    If you live outside of the country, grab The Peaceful Preschool™ digital bundle. 

    Customer Reviews

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    This is perfect in every way!

    Candice Morgan

    The homeschool curriculum from The Peaceful Preschool is exactly what we hoped for and more. We spent the extra money for the print version/spiral bound and it was well worth it. We're utilizing the curriculum for both a 3yr old and 15 month old (obviously simpler tasks). I truly can't say enough great things about it. I'd order it again and again.