Peaceful Press: The Good Gospel

Peaceful Press: The Good Gospel

An A-Z Bible Resource for Young Children at Home

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I’ve taught preschool Sunday School in several church settings over the last 27 years as a mother, but I’ve often been disappointed by the cheesy graphics and silly approach that many resources use.

As a homeschool mom who is inspired by the philosophy of Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori, I longed for our children to have the same sacred and beautiful approach to learning about Jesus that we take to learning about the world around us.

I started researching and stumbled upon the work of Sofia Cavaletti, who created The Catechism of the Good Shepherd to disciple young children in the faith in a way that invites a deeper and more meaningful connection to God.

I wanted to adapt some of the beauty of these philosophies for families and churches in different theological streams, so we created The Good Gospel. This resource is non-denominational and it focuses on the life of Jesus and the truth that God loves us and wants a relationship with us. It can be used by liturgical and non-liturgical churches to give young children the opportunity to develop a saving faith in Jesus Christ and a deeper prayer life.

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The Good Gospel is an A-Z gospel devotional guide intended for use in preschool Sunday School, or as a weekly accompaniment to The Peaceful Preschool. The guide includes 26 lessons with verses, crafts, Bible stories, declarations, and fine art geared towards helping young children connect with the stories of Jesus in a Sunday School or home setting.

The Good Gospel includes a weekly printable with the Bible verse, declaration, and a picture to color. We also include a printable with traceable Bible verse for older children. This printable is a perfect take home for your Sunday School students or a great tool for your children in your home to remember the lesson by.



When you purchase The Good Gospel, we also give you a link to a free download of all 26 verses put to music. You can use these in your home or Sunday School to help your children remember the weekly verse.



Your digital download includes the following:

The Good Gospel: An A-Z Bible Resource For Young Children
    Weekly Printables
    26 Fine Art Prints
    Traceable Bible Verse Printables
    Free Bonus: 26 Verses To Song Download