Peaceful Press: The Good Gospel

Peaceful Press: The Good Gospel


An A-Z Bible Resource for Young Children at Home

As a mother, I've taught preschool Sunday School in several church settings over the last 27 years. Still, I've often been disappointed by the many resources' cheesy graphics and silly approach.

As a homeschool mom inspired by Charlotte Mason's and Maria Montessori's philosophy, I longed for our children to have the same sacred and beautiful approach to learning about Jesus that we take to learning about the world around us.

I started researching and stumbled upon the work of Sofia Cavaletti, who created The Catechism of the Good Shepherd to disciple young children in the faith in a way that invites a deeper and more meaningful connection to God.

I wanted to adapt some of the beauty of these philosophies for families and churches in different theological streams, so we created The Good Gospel. This resource is non-denominational, focusing on the life of Jesus and the truth that God loves us and wants a relationship with us. Liturgical and non-liturgical churches can use it to give young children the opportunity to develop a saving faith in Jesus Christ and a deeper prayer life.

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The Good Gospel is an A-Z gospel devotional guide intended for preschool Sunday School or as a weekly accompaniment to The Peaceful Preschool. The guide includes 26 lessons with verses, crafts, Bible stories, declarations, and fine art geared towards helping young children connect with the stories of Jesus in a Sunday School or home setting.


The Good Gospel includes a weekly printable with the Bible verse, declaration, and a picture to colour. We also include a printable with traceable Bible verses for older children. This printable is a perfect take-home for your Sunday School students or a great tool for your children in your home to remember the lesson.


When you purchase The Good Gospel, we also give you a link to a free download of all 26 verses put to music. You can use these in your home or Sunday School to help your children remember the weekly verse.


Your digital download includes the following:

The Good Gospel: An A-Z Bible Resource For Young Children

- Weekly Printables

- 26 Fine Art Prints

- Traceable Bible Verse Printables

- Free Bonus: 26 Verses to Song Download


Rest assured, the curriculum is a digital download that will be conveniently emailed to you, making it easy to access and use. In your welcome email, we will send a link for you to optionally purchase the printing at a discount.

Customer Reviews

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Carly R
Lovely Lent resource

We’ve been using The Good Gospel as part of our morning time for a few weeks and I’ve also used it a couple times during our weekly family worship evening. My 6 year old is enjoying the coloring pages and tracing the verses. We haven’t tried any crafts yet but I would if I used it in a Sunday school setting. The simple structure, short story, prompts for reflection, and beautiful paintings make it enjoyable for me too. Loved sharing the idea of candles and prayer silks for reflection time with my family.

Amy Walker
This curriculum works great!

We are able to easily for the first time ever, homeschool! With a 5 year old, 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old while also 7months pregnant - Homeschooling is hard! This curriculum has refocused my family on Jesus during our lessons, and has made our days much easier. I love that the lesson are grab and go for me, and I can expand on what we do or do just the basic. My children are loving their "schooling" as my oldest calls it and begs to do it. She says, " It feels like Jesus is right here doing it with us!" That was my main goal all along and I'm so thankful I took the plunge and purchased this curriculum. Thanks Peaceful Press 🙌🏻

Ariana Quezada

Peaceful Press: The Good Gospel

Jennifer Condrey
Just What We Needed!

My kids are 4, 2.5 & 1 and I wanted to incorporate some structure into our day and this resource was perfect for us. I decided to get it printed and then print out the coloring pages for my older two children to color on while I showed them the painting and read them the story. The curriculum offers more ideas, but that was about all I could handle this season. It was so beautiful to spend time praying together and learning together and my kids enjoyed this time together and listening to the songs (I am so glad they are on spotify now!!). We sing them throughout the day. This has been a huge blessing to me and really got us into a good routine during a hard season for me. As a new mom, I have been struggling to find quiet time to pray with the Lord and this encouraged me to do that with my children. Praise the Lord for this resource and the many blessings it has brought me. We will definitely be using this resource again and again!

Rachel Brians

The lessons are beautiful and well thought out! The lesson plans are tangible and approachable without being clunky or confusing. My only wish is that the handwriting had a cursive option. I start my children with cursive because it is natural and often more easily learned than print.
Thank you for such beautiful and affordable curriculum!