The Playful Pioneers Volume 1

The Playful Pioneers Volume 1

 Literature and project-based curriculum for elementary students


The Playful Pioneers Parent Guide is your daily guide for giving your 5-12-year-old students a literature-based education. The guide will lead you through daily readings in The Little House on the Prairie series (families using the resource for a second time have a Little Britches reading plan) along with picture books designed to introduce your child to American history from Native Americans to the Age of Industry.

You will read about famous people and events of the time period including Leif Erickson, Squanto, Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Thomas Edison, Tecumseh, and more.

As your child explores the time period, they will learn to identify geographical concepts and countries of origin for many of the U.S. settlers. The parent guide includes map work, nature study, poetry, hymns, narration, copy work prompts, science experiments, art, practical life skills, and much more. The Playful Pioneers Parent Guide includes 242 pages of lesson plans with a helpful week at a glance grid, monthly overview, supplies list, book list, hymns and poetry, free reading suggestions, and more.

The Playful Pioneers students sheets include poetry selections, Bible verses, maps, patterns, and hand-drawn illustrations to introduce narration and copy work to your child. These sheets will help your child with beginning composition and grammar, form drawing, handwriting, and vocabulary skills as they trace or copy their page. Included is a cursive or print tracing file, as well as a kinder file with single words and larger fonts for younger students, and an elementary copy work file which includes blank lines for children ready to copy on their own.

The Playful Pioneers Cookbook includes recipes to correspond with the readings from each week. You and your child will work together to shake cream into butter, make a natural insect repellant and disinfectant cleaner, bake a fresh loaf of bread, and even make your first simple cheese. These recipes are designed to make the pioneer stories from The Little House on the Prairie and The Little Britches even more vibrant as you bake and cook with your child.


The Playful Pioneers Art includes 29 different art prints featuring artists such as Remington, Taylor, Monet, Van Gogh, and Catlin, along with art depicting famous events in American history. The Playful Pioneers Art is designed to help your children become familiar with famous artists and important historical events. along with helping them to begin developing as artists through copying these inspiring pieces.

Add the Native American Cards and the Playful Pioneers Vol 1 and 2 Timeline Cards for just $5 each. 

Your digital download also includes helpful planning sheets, and a co-op grid to help you make this your best year ever!


Copy Work
Practical Skills
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    Your digital download includes the following:

    The Playful Pioneers Parent Guide
    Weekly Grid
    Daily Details
    Book List (Click to check it out)
    The Playful Pioneers Cookbook
    Student Copy Work in Print and Cursive
    The Playful Pioneers Art
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      We have supplemental resources to create a wonderful year studying American History. Grab The Playful Pioneers Timeline Cards and The Native American Cards. You can also download the free book list by clicking the button below.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 45 reviews
      Amaris L.
      Better than I imagined!

      This curriculum is so beautiful! My kids love it and we are learning so much! Thank you for making this curriculum affordable for families on tight budgets. I made binders for each child to put their student worksheets into. It has been working very well to have the kids do their copywork and coloring in their binders while I read aloud. The recipes and crafts are all a hit. I chose to add in learning a new American folk song each week, and this has been a wonderful compliment to the Playful Pioneers curriculum. 😊

      Heidi Neikes

      The Playful Pioneers Volume 1

      Great prompts, simple, lovely way to explore U.S. History- be careful with the book list!

      We have enjoyed The Playful Pioneers as my daughter loves Little House and this has been a lovely spine for us as we explore U.S. History. I especially love using it as a prompt for our subjects and discussions.
      I was disappointed that the book list was not thoroughly screened for appropriateness in Christian homes for young readers with forming minds (books containing a lot of Native American spiritualism, incorrect portrayals of the Creator and creation, referring to the world as millions of years old etc). If you are a proactive parent and you screen all of your books, it won’t be a problem. We have an avid reader and frequent the library so we have tried all the books recommended.
      Overall, this is a lovely curriculum and we just trade out certain things based on our children, discipleship, interests, and their needs (we focus on scripture copywork, not poetry, and incorporate more Bible study).

      So pleased

      My 7 and sometimes even my 4 year old and I have loved digging in to our playful pioneers lessons. It is so beautiful to see them acting out parts of the stories we’re reading during play, and that helps me to know things are sinking in. It is precious. We all get so much enjoyment out of it. Thank you for creating it!

      Stacie Hauer
      Love It!

      My daughter is in 2nd grade and this curriculum has been such a wonderful addition to our homeschool educational resources. The weekly guidance that is provided helps me to stay on track and the variety of projects and readings has been so intriguing and a fun way to learn! So glad we found this curriculum, we love it!