The Peaceful Press: Native American Tribal Memory Cards

The Peaceful Press: Native American Tribal Memory Cards



The Native American Fact Cards Pack includes paintings and information about many of the Native American tribes who first settled North America. Paired with beautiful paintings of tribe members by early American artists, these cards provide an introduction to the fascinating world of indigenous people in America.

The cards can be cut to create an artist matching game or used full-sized as memory cards. The pack also includes a list of additional resources as well as a map depicting where many of the tribes first lived. This pack is a perfect addition to your year of studying pioneers with The Playful Pioneers curriculum and a beautiful overview of 20 prominent tribes.



The Native American Fact Cards Pack is a 12-page PDF digital download. You may print at home or at a local office supply store and laminate for durability. When cut, each card measures 5 1/4 x 3 3/4 inches.

Included are:

  • Twenty tribe cards with art + title and description

  • Map

  • Additional resources

All you do is print, cut, and laminate, for a beautiful and multi-purpose learning activity with your child.

One of the important values of The Peaceful Press is that materials for young children should be beautiful. As parents, we are cultivating the tastes of our children, and want them to value natural beauty.


Get your copy of The Native American Cards for only $5.00. Please be sure to read our FAQ page and ask any and all questions beforehand!

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