Phonogram Bingo: A Peaceful Preschool Resource

Phonogram Bingo: A Peaceful Preschool Resource


 Our Phonogram Bingo is a free downloadable gift from us, to you. These bingo cards can be used with the Picture-Word Cards for another fun way to work on fine motor skills, counting, and phonics.

Included is a digital downloadable PDF with six different Phonogram Bingo cards, in easy to read, lowercase print, for the entire family to enjoy!

All you do is print, cut, and laminate, for a long-lasting, fun, and multi-purpose learning activity with your child.




The Phonogram Bing set is a 5-page PDF digital download. You may print at home or at a local office supply store and laminate for durability. When cut, each card measures 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches.

Included are:

  • Three pages, with two Phonogram Bingo cards on each, for a total of six cards.

  • Instructions on how to best use the cards.

  • Please note: Picture Word Cards and bingo markers are NOT INCLUDED. You may purchase Picture Word Cards here.



You will need the following supplies:

Pennies or other bingo markers
Picture-Word Cards
Phonogram Bingo Cards

    Place your picture cards face down in a stack. Draw a card and then have your child name the picture. Identify the beginning sound. Let them look for the corresponding beginning sound (letter) on their bingo card and cover it if applicable.

    You can also play with just the letter cards from your Picture-Word Card set, or mix up all the cards and play by identifying.

    To win: get a bingo by covering four letters in a row.