The King Kingdom Volume 2 Overview

We are nearly finished with a beautiful new resource for teaching European history. The Kind Kingdom Volume 2 is an awesome way to dive deeper into European history.

We highly recommend using Kind Kingdom Volume 1 first. Every child will benefit from a reading of the Chronicles of Narnia, and the picture books that depict history in Volume 1 are fantastic for getting an overview of European history.

In Kind Kingdom Volume 2 we are exploring many of the same subjects covered in Volume 1, but using slightly more advanced resources to cover them. 

We use more stories from Our Island Story, a free online version of Charles and Mary Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, and we cover botany and life science with a wonderful living book resource from Apologia, and the lovely A Year in the Big Old Garden. The Kind Kingdom Volume 2 also features several new fine artists, and poets, focusing on just 6 of each so you get a deeper look at fewer poets and artists. Each month has a different featured reading with just three overlaps from Volume 1, we include a new title for those months in the parent guide, namely, Treasure Island, Snow Treasure, and The Endless Steppe.

This resource could also be used independently by an older elementary or junior high student while you are doing Volume 1 during morning time. It clearly lays out for the student which readings and projects to do each day.

Read the monthly scope for more insight and let us know how we can help you find the right resource for the coming school year.

Month 1Augustine Came to Kent, Kings and Queens of England, King Arthur early middle ages, Andersen’s Fairy Tales, taxonomy, seeds, gardens, King and Queen rhyme, Wyeth art.

Month 2- The Magna Charta, more Kings and Queens of England, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Andersen’s Fairy Tales, castles, cathedrals, seasons, roots, Dickinson poetry, King and Queen art.

Month 3I, Juan de Pareja, The Renaissance, Spanish artists, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Andersen’s Fairy Tales, stars, planets, ferns, Rossetti poetry, Pareja, Velasquez art.

Month 4Treasures of the Snow, Gutenberg, Martin Luther, church history, Andersen’s Fairy Tales, the printing press, nature journaling, Hopkins poetry, Bruegel the elder art.

Month 5- The Endurance, Shakespeare, explorers, ships, seas, world geography, birds,  Tennyson poetry, Carmichael art

Month 6- The Good Master, Shakespeare, revolutions, World War I, flight, nurses, birds, small mammals, Shakespeare poetry, Millet art.

Month 7- The Hiding Place, Shakespeare, holocaust, World War II, invention, industry, victory garden, W.B Yeats poetry, Pissarro art.

Month 8- Animal Farm, Charlotte Mason, communism and its effects, phenology wheel, spring, flowers, Rilke poetry, Popova art.

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I have a fifth grader and a seventh grader. We did The Precious People about 3 years ago. I’m thinking Volume 2 may be more age appropriate than Volume 1 of The Kind Kingdom?


Hey there!

I have kiddos 14,10,7,4 next year and are newish to homeschooling! I would love to hear how to use the kind kingdom simultaneously with different age kids!!!!

I need something simple we can add things in to beef up where we need !


Hi Jayne,

If it were me, I would try again with Kind Kingdom Volume 1, but listen to the Audio versions available on Audible.

You can definitely use Kind Kingdom Volume 2, the stories are historical fiction for the most part and are lovely books, but Kind Kingdom Volume 1 books are even more engaging in my opinion.


I have purchased volume 1 and we had to stop because my daughter wasn’t intere in the Narnia series. Can I do volume 2? What book series does this use? She will be in 4th grade.

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