Try This to Incorporate More Reading Aloud in 2024

One of the core ways that we teach our children at the Peaceful Press is through reading aloud from life giving books. 
One of my early homeschool mentors Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn, via their book, Teaching the Trivium said that during the early years parents should read aloud for as much as 2 hours a day, but with young children, this can feel overwhelming. 
One of the ways we get more reading in as a family is through audio books. 
I've been a member of Audible  (Amazon link) for a while now, and I'd love to share some of our favorites with you. We spend several hours a month on the road, and with our membership I've been able to listen to books with my children that are entertaining, as well as incorporating some books that I wouldn't enjoy reading aloud. You can also find these titles on your library app, and many are available on Librivox.
For Young Children
Winnie the Pooh- One child listened to this at bedtime for several months, replaying favorite stories.
The Jesus Storybook Bible- Another soothing bedtime story.
A Bear Called Paddington- This one is also lighthearted and fun.
Little House on the Prairie- The entire series is read beautifully by Cherry Jones and I have fond memories of listening to them with my children while doing our watercolor notebook pages during our Playful Pioneers years. It gave me a chance to explore my own narration abilities.
The Wind in the Willows- This is another comforting family story.
The Peter Rabbit Collection- A well read classic.
For Older Elementary
Old Yeller- This is one of the monthly books from Playful Pioneers Volume 2 and is a compelling look at the hazards faced by pioneers.
The Endurance- We read this in Kind Kingdom Volume 2 and a children's version in Kind Kingdom Volume 1. It's a favorite family book and one of the best leadership stories I've ever read.
By the Great Horn Spoon-This is a fun book about the California Gold Rush.
The Magna Charta- Another book from Kind Kingdom Volume 2 with insightful history.
Across Five Aprils- A favorite Civil War era story.
The Lantern Bearers- Engaging ancient history story.
Paddle to the Sea- This is one of the spine books for Playful Pioneers Volume 2 and makes geography come alive.
Treasures of the Snow- A beautiful story of redemption featured in Kind Kingdom Volume 2.
The Door in the Wall- This is one of the books I included in Mothering by the Book.
Justin Morgan Had a Horse- A favorite Early American history story.
The Chronicles of Narnia- The spine for the beloved Kind Kingdom Volume 1.
This isn't an exhaustive list of my favorite Audible titles, but as a busy working mom, having audio books has helped my children experience more beautiful and classic literature than we could have done without this help, and I hope you enjoy some of these books as well with your children.