Free Resources to Help You Get Started

Are you getting close to finishing your curriculum for the year? 
It's an exciting time to start planning for next year and we have some free resources that can help you plan.
With the Peaceful Press homeschool resources you create connection with your children through beautiful stories, engaging projects, and life-giving time in nature. 
Grace said this about our curriculum,

"This is our first year using the peaceful press curriculum and it's been our best and most peaceful year yet. My children are excited and feel seen and known. And I can rest knowing they are getting a solid education while we also strengthen our family relationships."

You can create a similar sense of peace and wonder as you explore our engaging Charlotte Mason homeschool resources with your children. 

Scope and Sequence- This scope and sequence includes the history and science covered in our popular elementary resources! You will learn about the Pony Express, the Egyptian Pyramids, Roman Engineering, World Revolutions, National Parks, the Underground Railroad, and so much more over six years of learning with us! Reading from our booklist makes these history periods come alive, and we explore the concepts further through recipes, art, nature time, and science projects.
Start Here Page- This web page offers insight into which curriculum to start with. We offer preschool through elementary resources as well as holiday curriculum, planning resources and more!
Free Samples- Click here to get a free sample of each of our curriculum bundles. We offer a full week free of each of our curriculum bundles.
Free How to Get Started Book- This book offers step by step suggestions for getting started with a literature based homeschool education. If you are wondering how to get started with literature based homeschooling, this book can help.
Homeschool Mission Statement- This mission statement template helps you evaluate what your family wants to focus on in your homeschool.
If you want more help defining your vision as a homeschool family, our Peaceful Life workshop can help. It includes prompts for designing your ideal day, planning for being and doing goals, and evaluating the missing links between your goals and your progress. 
It's just $12 for the workshop and guide.

Peaceful Life Workshop

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