Favorite Homeschool Math and Language Arts Resources

Homeschooling with the Peaceful Press is thorough. 
Our elementary resources include history, nature study, literature, poetry, copy work, art, science, geography, home economics, and Bible lessons. 
Each lesson is seamlessly integrated so that you can have more margin in your day to chase the spark of learning. 
As you confidently embrace a lifestyle of learning you can honor your children's questions and begin to respond to their curiosity and fit interest led learning into the course of your day. 
Some of you feel nervous that you aren't doing enough, and so you add in extra science workbooks, or intensive language arts resources, and for some children this will be great.
However, some children just need time to explore their own interests and to play out the ideas that are sparked in the books we read. Some children may want to spend concentrated time on a hobby or skill. 
So don't let fear pressure you to add in more school work. Take time to observe what your children remember, and how engaged they are with learning and let courage be your guide as you educate your children.
You do need to add some math and language arts, and in a recent survey, the top suggestions were-
Math With Confidence by Kate Snow -We've heard so many great things about this one!
Language Arts
The Good and the Beautiful (I found their language arts to have a lot of repetition with the Peaceful Press ((art, poetry, narration)) so it's not my top recommendation, but many families appreciate how affordable it is)
If you haven't embarked on this delightful learning journey, download a free sample here and then shop at the button below.

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