A Year Of Nature Learning

Originally Published February 10, 2021

Are you looking to bring the beauty of nature into your school routine? Check out our free nature book list! This list contains over 100 beautiful nature books that make celebrating the changing seasons special.


These books correspond with our Nourishing Nature Kindergarten,  featuring different nature themes. 


You can use this guide as a transitional preschool, kindergarten, or even as a multi-age resource to bring more motor skills, art, and nature into your daily lesson plans.


Each nature guide is available individually, but when you purchase the Nourishing Nature Kindergarten you get a full 32-week kindergarten with an included parent guide that includes a handy checklist of skills and phonogram mastery.


The Nourishing Nature Kindergarten assumes a September start date and is sorted by season. It includes Tree, Farm, Sky, Mountain, Meadow, Garden, Rainforest, and City.

We recommend pausing in December to do The Christmas Guide.


The Nourishing Nature Kindergarten includes activities geared towards reviewing phonograms, mastering counting skills, and developing fine and large motor skills. We also include word building, adding, subtracting, and grouping objects, and many other math and phonics activities along with science and nature exploration, and continued motor skill-building. 

The Nourishing Nature Kindergarten also includes a handwriting resource for students who are ready for writing.

While we agree with the Charlotte Mason maxim that the years before age six should be a quiet growing time, we also know that modern lifestyles often do not equip children with the motor skills and processing skills necessary for higher-level academic performance.

The Nourishing Nature Kindergarten is the perfect resource for preparing children for school while still encouraging natural, play-based learning.


Check Out The Nature Book List Here!

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