Nourishing Nature Kindergarten

Nourishing Nature Kindergarten

The perfect option for a gentle kindergarten experience.

We provide daily read-aloud suggestions, phonics, counting skills, fine and large motor skills, and more to create a fun and developmentally appropriate year with your child. Each of the four-week units includes activities centered around nature themes to gift your child with a greater appreciation for the outdoors as they learn. 


The Nourishing Nature Kindergarten is a literature and project-based digital download curriculum for preschool through kindergarten. The years before elementary school, roughly ages 3-6 are a prime time to develop powerful processing skills, objectives that are best met through hands-on learning, and The Nourishing Nature Kindergarten is your resource for meeting these objectives.


Your digital download includes the following: Nourishing Nature Kindergarten Parent Guide Nourishing Nature Kindergarten Printables Nourishing Nature Kindergarten Recipes/Tutorials Nourishing Nature Kindergarten Handwriting Daily details, with tried and true prompts for learning that are both gentle and enjoyable for all. Complete supply & book list. Poetry that coincides with the various units. Access to our private Facebook group, full of encouraging advice and resources. We will also send a link to order printing of the bundle, for those of you who don't print at home.


Read Aloud
Math Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Large Motor Skills
Practical Life Skills
Art Skills

     You may purchase each Nourishing Nature Guide individually, but with Nourishing Nature Kindergarten you get 32 weeks of learning which include Tree, Farm, Sky, Mountain, Meadow, Garden, Rainforest, and City units.

    You can also grab a summer supplement that includes Ocean, Freshwater, and Desert. 

    Our popular Christmas Guide is available as a separate purchase as well.

    Check out the Nourishing Nature Guide Book List!

      PLEASE NOTE: The curriculum is a digital download, and will be e-mailed to the address associated with your Paypal account. 
    We will send a link for you to optionally purchase the printing at a discount in your welcome email. The Peaceful Press //
    Garden Guide Tree Guide



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    Christmas Guide Farm Guide



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    Meadow Guide City Guide



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    The Peaceful Press / Nature Guides /

    Mountain Guide Sky Guide



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    The Peaceful Press / Nature Guides /

    Rain Forest Guide Freshwater Guide





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    Desert Guide Ocean Guide


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Elizabeth R
    Some Good Ideas

    I feel very overwhelmed by the amount of prep I have to do every day... SO many varied craft materials to gather... Books are generally good. The principles are solid. But oh my goodness, with two other children underfoot this does not feel peaceful.

    Deborah Scharrer
    Nourishing Kindergarten

    I really love the nature focus. It is such a lovely gentle way of learning. My daughter loves all the activities.

    Judith Rodriguez
    Great resource

    As a new homeschool mom (with no background on homeschool ) I appreciate this curriculum. Is easy and enjoyable for my 4 yo daughter.

    I do believe there are some parts that need more instructions. For example in one of the art days it said salt paint. I honestly haven’t done that before and I couldn’t find in the curriculum how to do it, so I had to ask google. There are a few other stuff that I needed to make some extra research to understand what we are supposed to do.

    But overall is a good curriculum specially if you need something that takes you out of a ‘normal’ classroom and have fun learning.

    Thank you so much for this accesible curriculum.

    Alli Leson
    Gentle and fun

    I used Nourishing Nature with my 5 year old last schoolyear and am so happy with our year! I loved having a different nature theme focus each month, and that all our subjects were covered in one resource. It was a great way to start our "official" homeschooling adventure. Thanks so much!

    Makayla Wiley

    Our first year homeschooling, we are all super excited! We recently did a few weeks of the summer curriculum! I love how it involves all our family so we can grow in our learning and relationships with each other.