Lovely Little Pom-Poms


Have fun making these DIY Pom Poms!

At The Peaceful Preschool we love all things hand made. So when our Free Letter A unit was being curated, and we needed pom poms, it was only natural that we made them oursevles.

The kids love being a part of this process, why not make some today!


Yarn-we used red and green for pom-pom apples, or pinks for spring party garlands.

1 1/2" square piece of stiff cardboard. You can even fold a 3x5 card in half or leave it unfolded for a larger pom-pom.


  • Cut a 6” piece of yarn.

  • Using the large yarn ball, wrap yarn 40 times around the cardboard.

  • Carefully, without messing up the loops, slide the wrapped yarn off of the cardboard.

  • With a short piece of yarn, tie a tight knot around the middle of the looped yarn, so that you have two groups of looped yarn on either side of the tied piece.

  • Slide a scissor into the loops and cut them open all the way around.

  • Fluff the pom-pom.

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