5 Tips to Prevent Burnout

Are you struggling to keep up your enthusiasm for homeschooling? These winter months can drag on, but we've got a few simple tips for keeping up your enthusiasm!
  1. Celebrate a holiday. We celebrate most holidays because they have a way of breaking up the routines and giving us a party atmosphere. Letting  holidays break up the regular learning can keep things fresh and new.
  2. Organize your homeschool space. Cleaning out your homeschool space, writing new poetry on your chalkboard, or setting out some new pencils or art supplies is a great way to gear yourself up for a good week of school.
  3. Pare back to the essentials. If you are feeling tired of homeschooling, stop everything except for math, read aloud, and some writing, and if necessary, take a few days to just read aloud or listen to audiobooks. Sometimes we just need a break, and our children do also.
  4. Take a field trip. Visiting a museum, factory, or nature center can be a great way to refresh your enthusiasm for learning.
  5. Create a homeschool mission statement. Having a mission statement can give you the grit to keep going even when you feel weary. If you'd like to create your own, we hosted a workshop last week and shared five steps for writing one. That workshop, along with mission statement examples is included in The Peaceful Path to a Living Education course. It's just $39 and you get lifetime access to the 5 main sessions plus additional bonus sessions.
Why not gather a few mom friends to watch the course with you? It's a great time to build community and enthusiasm for the worthy journey of educating our children.

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