The Best Week of the Year

This is my favorite week of the year. 
After the excitement of Christmas, I love reflecting on the previous year, looking at how my intentions for the year shaped my daily actions, and seeing what new dreams were accomplished. 
This year I published my first book, (a long time dream), started a podcast,  welcomed my first grandbaby, and had the joy of having my daughter sing at our homeschool conference. 
There were also some really hard moments this year, and so I'm taking time to grieve (I talk more about this in Mothering by the Book), forgive, and even just rest, so that my new year's goals don't come from a broken place. I want to create a peaceful life with my family and love them from a pure heart, instead of from a hard and wounded place.
If you have similar goals and want to create a peaceful life with your family, our free Peaceful Life Planner can help. We have prompts regarding a perfect day, what you want people to say at your funeral, and what you want your children to remember about their home. Asking questions like these can help you evaluate what about your daily rhythm is helping build that life you want for your family.  
Download it below, and if you need more help with planning a meaningful life, sign up here for a free webinar.
I'll be helping you work through some of the questions, as well as sharing the vision for 2023 in the Peaceful Loop.
This year in the Peaceful Loop, we will be using the book, Habits of the Household to set a monthly intention as a community and work on building a peaceful rhythm for our homeschool. 
Enrollment opens in January. It's a great opportunity to gain more time for connection as a family as we work on building habits together.
Are you ready to start planning your year? We've got a few options for you!
 Our 2023 dated homeschool planner is available now. It includes a reading log, grade tracker, weekly planning sheet, monthly calendar, attendance tracker, and more. It's an awesome resource for managing home, work, and homeschool and it's just $12 for the digital pdf.
This beautiful printed planner has become an Amazon bestseller, but shipping delays mean it won't be available until early January. The publisher promises to keep them in stock, but you might want to buy an extra one just in case.
 Our new Student Planner includes 12 months of undated calendars, 52 weeks of planning sheets, along with space for daily reflection. We also include a monthly notebook page so your child can keep a record of what they learned with spots for nature discoveries, and favorite quotes, a reading log, and a yearly goal setting page. It's an excellent resource for helping your child create a more meaningful life. The title is linked to the printable version, but we also have two printed options on Amazon with beautiful full color covers.
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