Simple Summer Habits

It can be easy to throw all routine out the window when we finish school for the year, but keeping a simple daily rhythm can help the fall transition flow much more smoothly.

These simple steps will help you create a summer routine that is peaceful but still allows for plenty of free time.

  1. Keep a morning routine- It can be a lighter routine, but keep your own healthy morning routine going. It might include quiet time, self care, vitamins, or exercise, but keeping these habits going will keep you feeling great.
  2. Keep morning time- My summer morning time might include a funny read aloud like Cheaper by the Dozen or Mr. Popper's Penguins, some crafts you wanted to do during the school year, or just focusing on picture books (our master book list has some great suggestions) but continuing to gather over the summer will make the fall transition so much simpler.
  3. Teach new chores- A lighter school season will give you some time to teach your children new skills. We've been working on yard care skills here, so check out the master skills list in our Chore and Routine Pack to find a few new chores to teach.
  4. Enjoy each other- It can be easy to slide into home care projects and organization and neglect to connect, but children behave better when they feel seen, so keep up basic habits of connection like eye contact, hugs, and nature time together.

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