How to Homeschool Part Five-The Mind Feeds on Ideas

"In saying that "education is a life," the need of intellectual and moral as well as of physical sustenance is implied. The mind feeds on ideas, and therefore children should have a generous curriculum." 
Charlotte Mason
The mind feeds on ideas.
So the whole intent of your efforts to homeschool shouldn't be directed towards helping your children pass tests or stay up to an arbitrary grade level set by a disinterested system. 
That is a natural outcome of a mind fed on ideas.
But your focus should be on giving your child intellectual, moral, and physical sustenance.
The ideas that you present in your home should be the most beautiful, hopeful, and inspiring ideas. The content that you focus on should inspire your child towards nobility and hope.
You can easily give your child a core of science knowledge, and a deep grasp of the English language, and understanding of math while still developing their character with beautiful stories. 
You can easily educate your child to accomplish whatever they are called to while also introducing them to heroes. 
And this is what we are all about at the Peaceful Press. 
We aren't merely trying to help you homeschool your children so they can pass tests and go to college. That is the easy part.
We want to help you develop brave leaders, and deep thinkers. We want to help you bless your children with stories that will inspire courage.
In the next post, I'll share what a typical homeschool rhythm looks like and I'll be sharing subject by subject advice as well, but as you plan your homeschool curriculum, don't just look for grade level resources, or the most efficient way to get information in. 
Look at what your child needs, how they love to learn, and look for beautiful stories that will inspire greatness.  Our curriculum and booklists are a great place to start.
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