How to Have a Happy Homeschool

When we enjoy what we do, it creates a happy and peaceful atmosphere, but when our daily duties feel like drudgery, it causes a weight of anxiety to fall on the household.
Here are five ways to make homeschooling more fun this year-
  1. Do less. Your children don't need phonics, copywork, handwriting, grammar, spelling, and writing all in one year. Choose one or two skills to refine each year and focus on less but better. I love IEW Fix It Grammar and their writing curriculum because it's simple to use and they don't repeat the skills that we are already covering in the Peaceful Press elementary resources so you have more time for fun.
  2. Incorporate large motor skills. Most children thrive when there is a mix of movement and seated academic work, and the younger the child, the more they need large motor work. Our preschool and kindergarten resources include fun large motor activities like indoor snowball fights, walking a line, wheelbarrow races, sweeping down cobwebs, building snowmen and more to help you incorporate movement. This lightens the atmosphere and helps your child's brain operate more efficiently.
  3. Include great stories. A good story will inspire creative play and projects and give you all something to think about. This imagination building activity helps you navigate hard seasons and sparks joy in the normal life you are living. You can learn more about how literature sparks joy in my book, Mothering by the Book, and check out our great book lists here.
  4. Minimize illnesses. There is nothing that steals the fun out of a homeschool day like a puking child, and while childhood illnesses may be somewhat inevitable, we can minimize them through healthy lifestyles. Wash your kids hands and noses after playdates, offer supplements like Mary Ruth's or Earthley, give them a dose of Peaceful Press Elderberry Syrup when they've been exposed to illness, and minimize sugar and maximize fresh air for healthier days.
  5. Carve in quiet. Often what raises anxiety is simply a schedule that is too full. Carve in some rest time each day so that you can journal, plan meals, or just prep for the next activity. A little bit of quiet or self care can help us savor the schooling, instead of constantly feeling underwater.
If you need more support for a happy homeschool year, ditch your current curriculum and grab one of the Peaceful Press resources. We've been delighting families for seven years now and users report more joy in their family when they use our award winning curriculum. 

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