Homeschool on a Budget



With inflation taking an ever larger share of the family budget for basics, it might be hard to imagine choosing to homeschool instead of utilizing the free public schools.

But homeschooling can be very budget friendly!

We homeschooled our 7 children on one income with a few simple strategies.

1. Choose a theme for the year. It might be a history time period, or a region, but once you have a focus it’s easy to expand learning without spending a fortune.

2. Choose living books. You can grab any of our wonderful free book lists, or even create a homeschool plan based on books you loved as a child.

3. Take advantage of all the resources at your local library. You can find books about writing, math, science, and history as well as the literature you choose to study.

4. Combine grades for skills teaching. So much of math, grammar, reading, and spelling is repeated over the elementary grades so instead of purchasing multiple resources, combine close age students in one resource each year.
Focus on reading, spelling and copywork for grades 1-3, and grammar and composition for grades 4-6.

5. Incorporate hands on learning. You don’t need fancy curriculum kits when you incorporate life skills. You can teach science through baking bread or fermenting vegetables, repairing bicycles, planting gardens, building a chicken coop or bread oven, and making jam. As your children read instructions and follow a recipe or build a piece of furniture, they are learning valuable comprehension skills and so much more.

6. Purchase our affordable resources! We include art, hymns, poetry, science, history, literature, Bible, and handcrafts for one low price!

Click here to get a free sample of our most popular resources.

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