Foundational Habits for a Peaceful Home

In 2024 we've been nurturing peaceful homes through creating better habits in the Restoration Home community.
My new book, Habits for a Sacred Home is the book we are studying and each month we create new habits for more peaceful homes.
In the book we look at 9 practices from history that can anchor and restore modern families, and over the course of the chapters help you create your own family rule of life.
The Restoration Home Community is now closed, but you can still nurture a more peaceful home with these foundational habits.
  1. Track your time- Set a timer each hour or two and write down what you did. You might realize that you are wasting time online, or that you aren't getting enough rest. This step will help you make better plans.
  2. Establish a morning routine- Automating your morning activities can help create smoother days. I include prayer, movement, breakfast and supplements so I have the energy to care will for my family.
  3. Look your children in the eyes- They will be more responsive to you if they feel cared for and this helps.
  4. Spend 15 minutes a day decluttering- Taking just a short time each day to get rid of junk or put things where they go will help create a more peaceful homeschool atmosphere.
  5. Hug your children- A tight squeeze releases serotonin and helps your children feel more calm and comfortable. Sufficient physical contact will also help allay sibling squabbles.
  6. Get 30 minutes of nature time each day- Spending time outside with your children will calm your nervous system and create more connection.
  7. Spend 15 minutes a day in quiet time- You could use this time to pray or read scripture, to journal, or just be available if your kids need to talk. Creating moments of quiet will give you mental resilience for better days.
  8. Read aloud every day- This is the core activity in a Charlotte Mason homeschool and the most life giving way to teach. Read encouraging stories to your children every day to increase family bonds, encourage good character, and shape a worldview. (Check out the Peaceful Press Resources for a great reading plan!)
  9. Track your children's chores- Check in on chores each day to start instilling good habits in your children. Our Chore and Routine Pack includes a habit tracker, 120 chore and routine cards, step by step instructions for implementing them, and other handy charts.
  10. Ask your children thoughtful questions- When you get to know your children it helps you be more responsive and create a homeschool routine that is based on healthy connection. This connection journal with the weekly questions from the Restoration Home Community is a great tool for recording their answers.
While the Restoration Home Community is closed right now, my Peaceful Life Workshop includes some of the thoughtful questions we are asking and would be a great resource to use until we open again.

Peaceful Life Workshop

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