7 Quick Listens for a Happier Home

The Restoration Home Podcast is turning one next week!
Over the past year I've interviewed so many interesting people, and had some amazing conversations with my daughter as well.
These episodes will encourage you, and help you let go of the fear of “doing enough” so you can enjoy the fleeting journey of childhood.
1. If you need courage to pursue a big dream and get your kids on board with helping out around the house, listen to this episode with Mary Heffernan. and then grab our Chore and Routine Pack.
2. If you need help with creating a daily rhythm that leaves space for creativity and play in your homeschool routine listen to this episode and then grab our Peaceful Planner.
4. If you need insight on implementing a Charlotte Mason education, listen to this episode with Leah Boden.
5. If you need help creating more margin in your life, listen to this episode with Monk Manual founder, Steven Lawson.
6. If you want tips for creating a cozy and hospitable home, check out this episode with Jamie Erickson. 
7. If you want to get started with creating your own family rule of life, listen to this episode and then take the Peaceful Life Workshop.
Do you have a preschool or toddler student who needs some engagement? Grab our Peaceful Preschool Printed Bundle and get started with simple daily lesson plans that bring more joy and fun into the life of your littles.
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