The Restoration Home Podcast

The Restoration Home Podcast: Conversations about the Peaceful Path to Connected Families and Restored Communities 

What is it all about:

In the Restoration Home Podcast we are discussing the peaceful path to connected families and restored communities and it’s all about how the simple things we do as mamas have the potential to save the world.
In the first season we will be going through the rules of Saint Benedict; simple practices like work, hospitality, community and prayer. These practices helped save western civilization after the fall of Rome and we believe these practices are equally valuable for families today, regardless of your religious belief system, or church affiliation, or lack thereof.
I’ll be matching these practices up with books I’m reading as well as having conversations with guests about how these practices are transforming their lives and the world around them.
I hope you will join me each week as together we work towards a
Restoration Home.  
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Podcast Episodes

Welcome to Episode 7! Here we really dig into community. Jennifer and Emelie talk about their experience with different types of community and how our motivation for the kind of community we're keeping makes a difference. Adults are an important part of children's community. Finally, your strengths matter when it comes to crafting the community we crave. 
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Breaking down the lie that we're not wanted when it feels like we are the only one pursuing community, the foundations that are built when we are alone, and the ways we can build the community we dream of; all this and more in Episode 6. Download, listen, like, review, subscribe on Spotify, Apple, or Podbean.

Christmas, community, and the beauty of working together to craft the kind of togetherness and belonging we want in community are all subjects talked about in Episode 5. Also, do you know what your family values are? How do they guide how you spend your time during the Holiday season? Download, listen, follow, and leave a review on AppleSpotify, and Podbean

In Episode 4, Jennifer and McKenzy talk about the beauty of work for children, redefining our view of work to remain joyful and find rest in intense seasons, and letting go of fear. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

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Join us for Episode 3 on Spotify or Apple Podcasts as we talk about L.M. Montgomery's book, Jane of Lantern Hill and how work is a holy mandate that can help us restore our homes and the joy of sometimes never ending or thankless tasks. 

In this podcast, Jennifer and Kristin talk about how to prioritise work by understanding you and your family's values. What role does tradition play in work and how do we understand the work for the season we are in. 


In this episode of Restoration Home, Jennifer Pepito talks with Emelie Pepito about the power of work for transforming culture and the examples taken from the Little Britches series by Ralph Moody.