The Peaceful Press: Autumn Guide

The Peaceful Press: Autumn Guide


The Peaceful Press: Autumn Guide includes four weekly grids with activities to inspire your child with new skills centered around the themes of harvest and thankfulness. Your 3-7 year-old child will continue developing large and fine motor skills, phonics and counting skills, and their love for literature through the stories and projects included in The Peaceful Preschool: Autumn Guide. The unit also includes Bible lessons, recipes, supply lists, recommended literature, and poems to make savoring autumn a multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate unit for your young learners.


The Peaceful Press: Autumn Guide also includes several printables to coincide with the unit, including leaf match, apple anatomy, and more. 

*Please note this product is a digital download.


The Peaceful Press: Autumn Guide is a literature and project-based four-week guide for 3-7-year-old students.  The guide is designed to prepare children for academic success through strengthening processing skills while including heartwarming Bible lessons centered around the themes of comfort and thankfulness. This special Autumn Guide is also created to promote happy memory-making among families.


Your digital download includes the following:

The Peaceful Press: Autumn Guide Weekly Grids

Book and Supply List


Letter and Number Printables

Autumn Printables


Autumn Themed Picture Books

Phonics Skills

Counting Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Large Motor Skills



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The Peaceful Press Through the Seasons


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tiffany Cole
We love it!

I have both of my children doing this right now. They are different grades but it is so much less stressful on all of us to be doing the same thing. They love it!

Jennifer Brouwer

I love the absolute thoughtfulness in each and every lesson.

Autumn Guide

We have yet to start the autumn guide as we are finishing up the meadow and freshwater now (love those!!). Looking forward to starting it though! It looks like great fun and lots of learning ahead. My son is 5 and I think deep down he really enjoys the lessons, I know I love them, but he’s struggles with wanting to do any school at all. I maybe shouldn’t have started him so early, although he understands and can do all the lessons without a problem it’s just the lack of desire to do it. (Would love any advice on getting an only child excited to begin each day) Still, once I get him going he generally really loves what he’s done. The autumn guide has me so excited as we will be moving into a new season and I love that it has Bible verses to learn!

Raquel Martinez
Very detailed and points to Christ

I love that my 3 year old son can grow into this curriculum. This curriculum can be used with different age groups and points us back to Christ! We are doing week one and am thinking that I will have to stretch out the four weeks to longer from all the creative activities it provides. So excited!