Nourishing Nature Kindergarten

Nourishing Nature Kindergarten

Award-winning Nature-based Kindergarten Resource

We provide daily read-aloud suggestions, phonics, counting, skills, fine and large motor skills, and more to create a fun and developmentally appropriate year with your child. Each of the four-week units includes activities centered around nature themes to gift your child with a greater appreciation for the outdoors as they learn. The bundle is inspired by Montessori and Charlotte Mason educational philosophies. 


The Nourishing Nature Kindergarten is a literature and project-based digital download curriculum for preschool through kindergarten. The years before elementary school, roughly ages 3-6 are a prime time to develop powerful processing skills, objectives that are best met through hands-on learning, and The Nourishing Nature Kindergarten is your resource for meeting these objectives.



Read Aloud 


Math Skills 

Fine Motor Skills

Large Motor Skills 

Practical Life Skills 

Art Skills 



Your digital download includes the following:
Nourishing Nature Kindergarten Parent Guide (276pg.)
Nourishing Nature Kindergarten Printables (356pg.)
Nourishing Nature Kindergarten Recipes/Tutorials (35pg)
Nourishing Nature Kindergarten Handwriting (77pg)
Monthly supply & book list
Poetry that coincides with the various units.
Access to our private Facebook group, full of encouraging advice and resources.

With Nourishing Nature Kindergarten you get 32 weeks of learning, which includes Tree, Farm, Sky, Mountain, Meadow, Garden, Rainforest, and City units.

You can also grab a summer supplement that includes Ocean, Freshwater, and Desert. 

Our popular Christmas Guide is available as a separate purchase as well.

Check out the Nourishing Nature Guide Book List!


q.Is this curriculum religious?

a. Nourishing Nature Kindergarten does not include religious instruction. You can download optional Bible Verse cards with letter memory prompts, or get our Through the Seasons Guides which include Bible verses and scripture memory work if you'd like more religious instruction from an ecumenical perspective.

q. How many pages is the resource?

a. The parent guide includes 276 pages which can be printed double-sided and the printables include 356 pages, making it a huge value at just $59.

  PLEASE NOTE: The curriculum is a digital download. Your order links will come in a separate e-mail from Send Owl. 

We will send a link for you to optionally purchase the printing at a discount in your welcome email. Remember, digital downloads are non-refundable, so feel free to download the free sample and try it with your child before purchasing the full curriculum. 

Want to purchase individual Nourishing Nature Kindergarten Guides?

Garden Guide Tree Guide



Christmas Guide Farm Guide





Meadow Guide City Guide





Mountain Guide Sky Guide





Rain Forest Guide Freshwater Guide





Desert Guide Ocean Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Linda Gunther
Exactly What I Was Looking For

As a former teacher who loved curating my own cirriculum for my eldest daughter, I was looking for something very specific for my (will be) 5 year old son for this coming year. I recognized that he was not developmentally ready for most kindergarten cirriculum out there, and that he needed one more year of no pressure, "quiet growing" time. At the same time, I wanted a very intentional year for him... I am about to have another baby and I didn't want him to feel like the overlooked middle child if I spent all my time teaching my oldest and caring for the youngest. I also know that he enjoyed tagging along in the activities in Playful Pioneers that we just finished up - all the handicrafts, books, cooking - and I wanted to give him those things. And although he isn't ready for formal learning, I wanted him to have gentle, intentional practice in math and phonics in the hopes that he would pick up a thing or two and maybe finish learning his letters this year. Oh, and I needed it all super laid out for me, since I'm about to have a baby.
I looked and looked and looked for months and I really thought I'd have to write my own cirriculum again. Turns out it was under my nose the whole time once again with the Peaceful Press. We are trying out the Garden unit, and it's already such a perfect fit and he and I are SO happy with it. Looking forward to an intentional, connected, peaceful school year!


This curriculum has everything needed to teach beautifully. I love all of the book suggestions for each lesson.

Alex Gardner
Premium Resource!

This is the best resource and is holistic with minimal to low prep and my children have thrived using this curriculum! Has created great connection and growth for our family - highly recommend!

Tiffany Cole

Nourishing Nature Kindergarten

Elizabeth R
Some Good Ideas

I feel very overwhelmed by the amount of prep I have to do every day... SO many varied craft materials to gather... Books are generally good. The principles are solid. But oh my goodness, with two other children underfoot this does not feel peaceful.