What Kind of Mother Do You Want to Be?

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”
Sometimes our school year looks like a hunk of rocks. We start out with wanting a great homeschool experience for our children, or wanting to be a peaceful mother, and then the lessons are way more tedious than we thought, or a family crisis interrupts the flow of our days and we respond in ways that we are later ashamed of.
But homeschooling is a little like rock sculpture. 
It took years for Michelangelo to carve the David, and two years for the Pieta. Each work of art was a long time in the making, but he had a vision for what that slab of marble could look like and he kept carving until the vision materialized. 
As a homeschool mom, if you don’t have a vision for what you want your children to experience in your home and how they will experience you, you will simply react to your childhood experiences. 
But if you begin to answer these question-what kind of mother do I want to be? How do I want my children to remember their childhood home? You can have the vision and purpose to work towards a beautiful life even if it’s something you’ve never experienced.
Here are some possible statements to help you define a vision-
I want a peaceful home.
I want a home where my children feel safe and comfortable.
I want a home that is filled with the beauty of creation.
I want a home where my children sense the presence and goodness of God.
I want to be a woman who inspires my children towards excellence.
I want to be a woman who honors God with my time.
I want to be a calm mother.
I want to be a loving mother.
I want to be a joyful mother.
Start here, start with a clear vision, and then begin to daily develop habits that support your vision. The Peaceful Loop can help, but enrollment for 2023 closes soon.
It’s not too late to enjoy learning-
So many of you started your first week and it’s been a joy to see all of your first week of school posts!
Here is just a sample of posts in our private Facebook group-
“A few highlights from Tree week 1 of Nourishing Nature! We're repeating this from last year, and it's been so fun to come back to our favorite projects and field trips. The hands-on projects in this curriculum are so lovely.”
“Week 2 of Playful Pioneers.  The kids LOVED the weaving project.  I couldn’t get them to stop weaving 🤣.”
“We had so much fun this week with the letter C!
I'm really loving/enjoying this preschool curriculum.”
“today we started Nourishing Nature Kindergärten, and I wanted to share how much my little ones have loved it! I honestly think the bit of structure and guidance it gave us helped their kindness with each other tremendously. We had hardly any fighting and they were occupied for a long time playing productively and listening to the story. I am really looking forward to our gentle learning this year, and I'm glad I chose this as our main resource!”
If your first few weeks of school didn’t create happy memories, or build joy into your learning, it’s not too late to switch gears and try one of our life giving homeschool bundles.
With the emphasis on beautiful stories, hands on learning, and family connection, your children can learn and grow in a natural way while still excelling academically. 

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