How to Homeschool Part Three-Education is an Atmosphere

How to Get Started Homeschooling
Part Three
Many of you have taken some time this week to watch the Peaceful Life Workshop and get some clarity about your vision and values as a family and also taken time to talk to your children to see what they want to learn more about.
This is really going to set you up for a great year.
The next step is to start working on your environment. Charlotte Mason said, "
 Charlotte Mason said, 
“Education is an atmosphere—that is, the child breathes the atmosphere emanating from his parents; that of the ideas which rule their own lives” (Parents and Children, p. 247
So as you start planning your learning environment, first think about the atmosphere you create by your own actions and personality. 
If you are dealing with issues like anger, fear, or comparison, it will leak onto your child and stifle learning, so taking some time this summer as you research homeschooling to work through Mothering by the Book and the study guide will help you create an internal atmosphere of peace.
Simple steps can help with this atmosphere development-
  • Daily prayer
  • Counting or breathing before you respond
  • Giving enough notice and time for transitions from one activity to the next
  • Processing trauma with a trained counselor
  • Caring for your physical health
As you work on your own mental health it will make a huge impact on the peace and calm of the learning environment. 
I recommend writing down what you want the flow of a homeschool day to feel like as well. For example, “We wake up cheerfully and eat a hearty breakfast together and then work through our chore chart and personal devotions. After getting dressed and helping children wash up and dress and make beds, we gather for morning time. During our cozy morning time we light a candle and then sing, read scripture and literature, while the children draw or write. We spend some time on math and language arts and then have lunch. In the afternoons we play outside or take a walk after an hour of rest. Our days are peaceful and calm and we love each other well.”
Having a clear vision of what you want the atmosphere and the day to feel like can give you something to work towards, especially if you never experienced anything like this.
But there is also the physical side of setting up a learning atmosphere. Things like decluttering the toys and picking quality school supplies can help set up your homeschool for success.
Before you buy anything for your homeschool, take a day to sort through what you already have. Do you have a low table for young children to work at? Do you have non-toxic cleaning supplies (we have a recipe in our cookbook)
Do you have a plant or a pet for your children to care for? Do you have some chore routines to help guide the care of your environment (this resource will help with that)
Taking time to clean and declutter before you start school will be a huge blessing as you start.
When you are ready to get some school supplies, I've got Amazon lists to help you get started.
Let me know what you would add to these lists!
In the next e-mails I'll start talking about using and choosing curriculum, creating a schedule, and more, but these steps I've outlined so far are great places to start. You can review the last two steps here and here.
Do you need help creating a peaceful home atmosphere to homeschool in? The Peaceful Loop is a great resource for helping you develop a peaceful rhythm.
We are working on basic habits of morning prayer, read aloud, and chore chart follow through.
Each week you get a fun new lesson to do with your preschooler or kinder students as well as access to our encouraging private group. We've been working through the book, Habits of the Household together which is an excellent resource for developing basic good habits. As we work together on these habits we are creating healthy rhythms for a happy, holy home.
It will be easy for you to add in the homeschool work if you have these basic rhythms in place, so join today and have your best school year ever!