How to Homeschool Part Eight-Managing Little Learners

In this e-mail, we will be talking about homeschooling with littles.
Last week we talked about language arts and morning time; this post is helpful if you need more insight into morning time.
Many of you are just starting with children four and under, and many of you are planning a homeschool year and wondering how you will manage the little ones while you school.
I remember those days. It was so fun when I started homeschooling my three-year-old. We read stories together, looked at the calendar and counted together, and enjoyed simple phonics and counting skills activities like those found in the Peaceful Preschool
These were sweet memories for us, and I loved having peaceful days with my young ones. 
But it did get harder as my oldest students moved into the elementary years. 
Suddenly I had to manage toddlers while also teaching math. Or read chapter books while also nursing an infant.
For those of you in this season, I have a few suggestions. 
  1. Use a resource like The Peaceful Loop or the Peaceful Preschool and do the activities just two or three times per week, and do this before you start regular school
  2. Create a shelf of independent activities, such as puzzles or crayons, that your child can access and clean up independently.
  3. Let your younger children listen in to older children's lessons. Let them have their own morning menu, or give them paper and crayons to “write” along with older children.
  4. Do academic subjects like math while younger ones are having nap time. Even if your toddlers have outgrown naps, having a daily rest time where they stay on their bed and look at books can be so helpful as you manage multiple ages.
  5. Don't overload older children with academics. This list can help you decide what to prioritize for children under aged 10.
  6. Combine grades and subjects. Use a family style resource like the Playful Pioneers for elementary students, and combine similar aged children into one grade level for math, phonics, or spelling activities. The more you combine, the more calm and attentive you can be which facilitates learning. 
What would you add to this list? Hit reply and tell us your best tips for learning with littles.
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