The Playful Pioneers Volume 1

The Playful Pioneers Volume 1

 Literature and project-based curriculum for elementary students


The Playful Pioneers Parent Guide is your daily guide for giving your 5-12-year-old students a literature-based education. The guide will lead you through daily readings in The Little House on the Prairie series (families using the resource for a second time have a Little Britches reading plan) along with picture books designed to introduce your child to American history from Native Americans to the Age of Industry.

You will read about famous people and events of the time period including Leif Erickson, Squanto, Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Thomas Edison, Tecumseh, and more.

As your child explores the time period, they will learn to identify geographical concepts and countries of origin for many of the U.S. settlers. The parent guide includes map work, nature study, poetry, hymns, narration, copy work prompts, science experiments, art, practical life skills, and much more. The Playful Pioneers Parent Guide includes 242 pages of lesson plans with a helpful week at a glance grid, monthly overview, supplies list, book list, hymns and poetry, free reading suggestions, and more.

The Playful Pioneers students sheets include poetry selections, Bible verses, maps, patterns, and hand-drawn illustrations to introduce narration and copy work to your child. These sheets will help your child with beginning composition and grammar, form drawing, handwriting, and vocabulary skills as they trace or copy their page. Included is a cursive or print tracing file, as well as a kinder file with single words and larger fonts for younger students, and an elementary copy work file which includes blank lines for children ready to copy on their own.

The Playful Pioneers Cookbook includes recipes to correspond with the readings from each week. You and your child will work together to shake cream into butter, make a natural insect repellant and disinfectant cleaner, bake a fresh loaf of bread, and even make your first simple cheese. These recipes are designed to make the pioneer stories from The Little House on the Prairie and The Little Britches even more vibrant as you bake and cook with your child.


The Playful Pioneers Art includes 29 different art prints featuring artists such as Remington, Taylor, Monet, Van Gogh, and Catlin, along with art depicting famous events in American history. The Playful Pioneers Art is designed to help your children become familiar with famous artists and important historical events. along with helping them to begin developing as artists through copying these inspiring pieces.


Your digital download also includes helpful planning sheets, and a co-op grid to help you make this your best year ever!


Copy Work
Practical Skills
(Please purchase a grade-specific math and phonics, spelling, or grammar curriculum separately)



    Your digital download includes the following:

    The Playful Pioneers Parent Guide
    Weekly Grid
    Daily Details
    Book List (Click to check it out)
    The Playful Pioneers Cookbook
    Student Copy Work in Print and Cursive
    The Playful Pioneers Art
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      We have supplemental resources to create a wonderful year studying American History. Grab The Playful Pioneers Timeline Cards and The Native American Cards. You can also download the free book list by clicking the button below.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Shelbi Bailey
      Takes the "work" out of Homeschooling.

      I cannot state enough how much I have loved this program. I have a small business that takes a lot of my time making it hard for me to find time to prep materials. It is so great to be able to open our Playful Pioneers weekly "morning menu" and know that I won't have to gather a ton of materials.

      Every Saturday I print our weekly morning menu and gather any supplies we might need for science or baking or extra books. If there are any extra books that aren't readily available, they are almost always on YouTube.

      My favorite thing about this lesson plan is that it makes it so easy to keep up with everything. I don't have to worry about putting together a million different lessons because I know that every day there will be art and poetry and history and good literature. I am so happy with our decision to use The Peaceful Press for our Homeschool!

      Audra McCullough
      I love the content but wish there was a paper option

      I am very excited to teach the curriculum this fall to my homeschooler but would have paid more to receive a paper version.

      Robin Burke
      Beautiful curriculum!

      I am so excited about doing our second year of homeschool thru Peaceful Press. This curriculum is so well planned out and makes it easy on us teacher moms. Excited about this booklist too.

      Ashley S.
      So excited to get started!

      I am a brand new homeschooling mom and purchased this for my Kindergartener. I can’t WAIT to get started! It just looks perfect for us and our goals for this year

      Elita K.

      This curriculum is so lovely and peaceful. Just what we needed to help us love school again.