The Peaceful Preschool Bundle

The Peaceful Preschool Bundle

A Literature And Project Based Curriculum For Early Learners



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The Peaceful Preschool™ is a 26-week, developmentally gentle curriculum designed to help you prepare your child for school while enjoying great books and hands-on activities together. The guide includes daily activities for cultivating strong motor skills, which will help ensure school success. The Peaceful Preschool™ program will help develop strong auditory, visual, and motor skills to give your child tools for academic success. Each of the 26 weeks is laid out carefully and concisely and has been lovingly curated for the brand-new homeschool family, as well as the most seasoned one. The vision of The Peaceful Preschool™ is to offer a guide that cultivates a love of literature and a passion for learning. (234 pages)


The Peaceful Preschool™ Printable Pack includes the 26 letters of the alphabet in upper and lower case, in both cursive and print, along with a large version of each letter for creating a special alphabet book as a keepsake of the year of learning. The printable pack also includes numbers 1-10, and patterns for the accompanying crafts. (109 pages)

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The Peaceful Preschool™ is an award winning literature and project-based curriculum for early learners. The years before formal school, roughly ages 3-5 are a prime time to develop powerful processing skills, objectives that are best met through hands-on learning, and The Peaceful Preschool™ is your guide to meeting these objectives.


Read Aloud


Counting Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Large Motor Skills

Practical Life Skills

Art Skills


Your digital download includes the following:

The Peaceful Preschool™ Parent Guide

The Peaceful Preschool™ Printable Pack

Weekly grid M-F, including directives for each subject of study.

Daily details, with tried and true prompts for learning that is both gentle and enjoyable for all.

Monthly supply & book list.

Numeral flash card printables.

Alphabet flashcard printables (both print and cursive, upper and lowercase).

17 other unit-applicable printables.

Poetry and Bible verses that coincide with the various units.

Access to our private Facebook group, full of encouraging advice and resources. 

* Recipes can be found separately in The Peaceful Press Cookbook which you can also buy as a digital download.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Juliana Costa

    The Peaceful Preschool Bundle

    Ashley Lourenco
    Perfect for my 3 year-old!

    We have been easing through the lessons fairly consistently the past four weeks! The curriculum is stress-free: if we can't get to every "assignment" for that day, we don't sweat it. Sometimes I'll take the fantastic ideas in the curriculum and find ways to integrate them into our daily life. If we don't have all the materials for activities, it is easy to substitute what's on hand instead. This really is a "PEACEFUL" preschool experience! My boy looks forward to our lessons together!

    Truly a peaceful time

    I bought The Peaceful Press Preschool for my 3.5 year old daughter and we both are loving it. Often my 18 month old joins the fun and feels part of our time. I don't feel any pressure while doing the activities and like how they can be shortened or extended depending on the child.

    Laura Moignard
    Amazing Program!

    Today was my 2.5 year olds first day of preschool and she absolutely LOVED everything we did. It’s really easy to follow and is designed to be flexible and give lots of creative space for the individual family. I highly recommend this program!!

    Erin Vaz
    Gratitude 🙏

    I don’t know what I would have done without The Peaceful Press for an amazing homeschool curriculum! Trying to create a rhythm/curriculum for the children on my own right now is very stressful and nerve wrecking. I am so grateful for Jennifer, forever. Her kindness, intelligence, thoughtfulness, immense generosity just making it affordable not only feasible.
    How quickly she is changing the lives of countless families and generations.
    God Bless Jennifer and The Peaceful Press.