Little House on the Prairie Homeschool Curriculum

Reading the Little House on the Prairie series is a rite of passage for many homeschool families. These stories describe simple days spent baking bread, building a log cabin, and playing in the creek, and they spark many imaginative games in children.


When you combine these engaging stories with our best selling Playful Pioneers homeschool curriculum, you get an engaging year of learning that covers history, geography, science, literature, art, and practical skills.

Each day you will read a chapter from the first five books in the series, copy a quote, Bible verse, or poem, and read from a science or history lesson. We also include mapwork activities, nature walks, looking at paintings from American history, and cooking or baking, just like Laura!


This curriculum covers American history from early Native Americans to the Age of Industry, and we read from a diverse book list to help children understand American history from many perspectives.


Some of the activities you will do over the course of 30 weeks are;

  • Roll beeswax candles
  • Bake bread
  • Learn about oxygen through a candle experiment
  • Make a doll
  • Shake cream into butter
  • Look at famous American paintings
  • Read about the Statue of LIberty, Early Presidents, Emancipation, and more
  • Read well loved poetry

and have fun!

Families say this about our Playful Pioneers curriculum:

"My 7 and sometimes even my 4 year old and I have loved digging in to our playful pioneers lessons. It is so beautiful to see them acting out parts of the stories we’re reading during play, and that helps me to know things are sinking in. It is precious. We all get so much enjoyment out of it. Thank you for creating it!"


"My daughter is in 2nd grade and this curriculum has been such a wonderful addition to our homeschool educational resources. The weekly guidance that is provided helps me to stay on track and the variety of projects and readings has been so intriguing and a fun way to learn! So glad we found this curriculum, we love it!"

Are you ready to get started with The Playful Pioneers? It's just $49 for 30 weeks of learning and this includes all subjects except for grade specific math and phonics or grammar. 

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